Upcoming Features Todo List


Please note that this todo list is dynamic, while I would most likely try to work according to the list, but should something more important comes up in the middle, I will re-prioritize it again according to the need of users. Also, feel free to let me know if you think that I may be missing some important features for the coming releases, your input is what matters for the development roadmap:

  1. Validity or Expiry date for Training:
  2. Time Bank & Overtime transaction to track earned Time Off in Lieu
  3. Import Variable Income and Statutory Contribution for Payroll process
  4. Show claim reimbursement under reimbursement section in payslip:
  5. Custom Payroll Period to support Bonus or Commission payment
  6. Performance Appraisal: [POLL] Performance Appraisal
  7. Organisational Chart: [POLL] Organisational Chart
  8. Automate Unpaid Leave calculation in Payroll process
  9. Payroll result to include Department and Branch field
  10. Support for Benefit in Kind for payroll processing:
  11. Variable Pay and Deduction as a percentage of basic salary
  12. Export Payslip details, such as Variable Pay and Deduction
  13. A way to find out Permanent/Contract/Part Time employees
  14. Weekly or monthly hours worked summary from Attendance records
  15. Kiosk mode Time Clock: [POLL] Kiosk Mode for Time Clock
  16. Import Holidays
  17. Option for viewing attendance by date range
  18. Option to allow Line Manager to submit leave application of subordinates on behalf
  19. Attendance Schedule to show Attendance and Absent records, leaves, days off, public holiday etc.
  20. Annual leave integration with google calendar
  21. Resume Management
  22. Event calendar
  23. Asset Register/ Management:…-list?start=276#3168
  24. Others… just tell me by replying to this post

Features just implemented for R53:

  1. Further enhancement of Mobile
    • Work in progress… Mobile on Goolge Play Mobile on App Store
  2. Work in progress…
  1. Leave can be applied from the second half-day to the next day (1.5 days) or the next 1st half-day (1 day)
  2. Different types of Leave can be applied in 1 submission
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May I know why do you have such needs? Especially point 2.

My Company has several types of leave for staff, maybe staff needs to take 3 days’ leaves but when the annual leave balance is not enough he will need to separate the application.
And sometimes staff will take emergency leave and need to punch out at noon and will come back after a few days.
If the application is separated it may cause the approver to make a wrong judgment.

I see. Noted with thanks.

Awesome list! #13 is super important to me, and I’m sure many other companies need it. Of course taxes are percentages, but I also use percentages for other fringe benefits. E.g., #retirement: employee can choose any % of income to put into a retirement account -and- I, the employer, can set how much I would like to provide as a “match.” Thnx!!

If I am not mistaken, I think what you are referring to is Statutory Contribution, which already supports % of Gross Income, can you please take a look?

Loan Management (Loan Amount, Repayment Period, Instalments to be paid, Interest to be applied, automatic deduction in payroll processing, Employee applying for Loan)

Pay as you ear (P.A.Y.E.) income tax calculations. A sample of the calculations done in excel is attached.

Noted with thanks.

Additional question: Is there a need for the employee wants to pay off-payroll cycle? that means another feature to record manual repayments?

I have created a poll for this feature request: [POLL] Employee Loan Management

Is this PH PAYE?

I’m not sure if the PH stands for Philippines. But the data in the table is not for Philippines but Ghana.

Will there be features to create W-2s and 1099s for the U.S.?

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Thanks for your clarification. Yes, I did mean Philippines with PH.

It depends on 2 conditions:

  1. Whether there are many similar requests from other users.

  2. Whether there is someone to give me some guidance on the data to fill in.

You can reference this US Tax API for w2 and 1099:

This feature will be a great add.

A game-changing feature would be adding to Zapier (

This will enable any company to automate and integrate your platform to most of the tech tools the company uses today (GSuite, Slack, PayPal, Stripe, etc.) without you building all those integrations. This enables business owners to integrate their HR workflow as they see fit.

Thanks, it looks like quite expensive:

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Thanks, will look into it when I have more free time later.

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Can the payroll export file format be changed to .xlsx instead of .xls?