Improve ways to manage HOLIDAYS


  1. HOLIDAY need to be keyed in MANUALLY.
  2. In Planner (Pic 2), Holiday title/desc will only appear when cursor hovered or clicked.




  1. By DEFAULT, Common holidays had been keyed in. ie. New Year, Labour Day, National Day, Christmas etc.
  2. Can select some or all Holidays to be duplicated onto same year or next year. Will ease off & fasten the process of plotting the holidays into the system.
  3. In Planner (Pic 2), make the title/desc of the holiday appear by default. No need to hover or click.



I ask for these features because most of the time, the work is tedious and REDUNDANT. Should already be a default setting when things redundant. save time (not waste time).

Do you mean each year there is a new system default holiday list with the holiday date? Or just a dropdown selection of default holidays?

new system default holiday list with the holiday date ← YES. But I understand if some of them is only apply to certain state only. Maybe for that you can make certain holidays appear according to where the company is located (detect via details saved in Employer > Information > Contact).

I think perhaps a holiday import feature can improve the situation better?

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Another way, maybe plot everything as a default list. HR can manage by turning it off/on (active/deactivate).

import to a new year? Yes, can start with that.

I am a bit reluctant to go with this option, as it requires additional work from me each year.

LOL, then this is already on the todo list.

where’s the list? mean it’s not available yet right? if so, then move it to the top of d list. haha.

Here: Upcoming Features Todo List

That is also what I asked for.

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