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May I know why?

The reason that I chose .xls was that it could be opened by wider range of Excel compatible software, and it could be easily re-saved as .xlsx in Excel.

So I don’t have to change the format every time I export the payroll manually. I perform more automation once I upload them to google drive. Having the option of the format I want to export the file would help the end user choose the format that best suits his use case. Also, having the CSV option would be beneficial.

Sure, but again, even CSV could be saved via Excel compatible software as well.

Anyhow, I will look into this if I have more free time later.

I think having a performance appraisal module will be very good and will be highly demanded

May I know what’s your format of appraisal, is it KPI? OKR? others?

It’s KPI. Thanks for getting back

I see. Just to understand how you expect the Performance Appraisal feature to work:

  1. Do you expect to set the KPI questions by HR? or by Line Managers?
  2. What kind of question formats do you need? Open ended? Rating based? Single or Multiple choices?
  3. Do you need weightage?
  4. How frequent do you perform the appraisal? Yearly? Quarterly? Monthly?
  5. Who would need to have access to the submitted Appraisals other than HR?
  6. Anything else that I need to know that I didn’t ask?

Hi in Malaysia now compulsory to pay SOCSO for foreign worker. But the rate is diff with local. Local 1.75% but foreigner 1.25%. Is your socso contribution up to date?

thanks for the quick reply. to answer you:

  1. KPI will be set by line managers / department head
  2. It will be rating based
  3. Yes weightage will be good. To be clear on this, example of weightage will be KPI 1. 60%, 2. 20%, 3. 10%, 4. 10%. Something like that
  4. I’m ok to start with Yearly
  5. Submission should be done by line manager to department head
  6. Nothing much for now

I am not sure about the foreigner part. It’s been quite some time since I last touched SOCSO related code.

If it does not work, you may create a SOCSO contribution item for foreigners with the correct rate, and apply it to foreigners.

When you said that

  1. KPI will be set by line managers / department head

Do you mean you want your line managers and department head to create new performance appraisal directly, or do you mean that they are supposed to send the questionare to HR to prepare performance appraisals?

  1. Submission should be done by line manager to department head

Not by employee?

Sorry, I misunderstood:
KPI to create appraisal directly by line managers because we are a small company

submission by employees directly

Noted with thanks.

Hi kapchew, thank you for your tireless efforts in shaping up the system and making it easy for us to use. I am just waiting for option number 9 to be worked on and maybe i can add two or three concerns on the list.

  1. Separate earnings to be on the left side of the payslip and deductions on the right side and then it must show total earnings and total deductions then lastly net pay.
  2. Leave days to reflect on employee payslip, when an employee takes some leave days, it should reflect the leave balance on the individual employee.
  3. Exporting payslips, if possible you can add exporting payslip to excel. I have had challenges when exporting payslips in pdf, it gives me errors on the payslip.

Thank you once more for your assistance.

.2. Why do you need the leave balance on payslip? Why not ask the employee to check the real time leave balance online?

.3. What errors do you encounter?

  1. Reason is, some employees may not have access to the online portal hence the need to add this on their actual payslip.
  2. Errors encountered after printing payslip in pdf, it gives no arrors for scrolling but some upside down writings as per screenshot.


.3. I see. But as explained in another thread, this is your connection issue, there is nothing I could do about it.

Hi kapchew,

thank you for the effort you put into the system.
Just a small suggestion that would be very useful to us.
would be great if we can set multiple department head/branch head (E.g. 2 to 3 spaces for each)
it would be more convenient for daily use.

Sorry, what’s the purpose for that?

because we have more than one staff as department head.
not so important for the branch head, but would be very useful for us to be able to set 2-3 staffs as department head