Statutory Table

This is to serve as the user guide for Statutory Table module.

I will add more content to it from time to time.

In the meantime, just reply to this post if you have any question about Statutory Table.

Note: Presently only PAYE Table is supported. If you need the support for other kind of statutory table, do let me know.

Cumulative Tax: Total payable tax amount before current tier of income bracket.

Adjust the income brackets, rates and cumulative taxes to match your payroll cycle. E.g. if the PAYE table is based on yearly income, then you may divide the values by 12 for the purpose of Monthly payroll cycle.

Here are some examples of how to enter your Pay As You Earn (PAYE) or Pay As You Go (PAYG) tax schedule into Statutory Table.

Example 1 - Monthly Income Bracket:

0% (0 up to- 80)
4% (80 up to- 250)
8% (250 up to- 450)
10% (450 and up)

Enter it according to the following format:

Income More than (X)  |     %     |   Cumulative Tax
80                    |   4       |   0
250                   |   8       |   6.8
450                   |   10      |   22.8

If salary is 500 per month, then the tax will be:

250 - 80 = 170 * 4% = 6.8
450 - 250 = 200 * 8% = 16
500 - 450 = 40 * 10% = 5

Total tax is : 6.8 + 16 + 5 = 27.8

And you will get the correct result if you set up the Statutory Table correctly.

Example 2 - Monthly P.A.Y.E for Ghana:

Enter it according to the following format:

Income More than (X)  |     %     |   Cumulative Tax
365                   |   5       |   0
475                   |   10      |   5.5
605                   |   17.5    |   18.5
3605                  |   25      |   543.5
20000                 |   30      |   4642.25

Your will be able to match the calculation results in the post quoted.

Thank you for this very important update. Under salary adjustment, I have given it a try but cannot seem to find how to apply it to each employee. I have looked under the statutory section but the tax table option does not appear anywhere

You have to apply one by one.

Hi Kap Chew

I tried that.

Step 1. Created table and ensured it is active

Step 2. Checked each employees draft payslip to see if any change but no change

Step 3. Went under salary adjustment of each employee to manually apply but statutory table was not found for any employee under salary adjustment section

Logically it should appear under salary adjustment somewhere right? Please share some guidance on how to apply after creation of the tax table


Hi Jean,

  1. Statutory Table should be added via Statutory Contribution items.

  2. If you created Statutory Table and added it via Salary Adjustment after you have edited or processed an employee’s salary items, you will need to reset the employee’s salary details, or delete the processed salary in order to use the latest changes made. Otherwise the employee salary details will retain last edited or processed items. Kindly check the user guide for more details on this.

Thanks, I figured it out after tinkering around. I went into each individuals salary settings and under the option to add statutorily deductions I had to create a new deduction and that’s where the table option happened to be

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