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This is already taken care of.

  1. KPI should be set my line manager or department head, which may be the same person depending on department structure.
  2. The questions can be open ended where the manager has to put his comments and have a score.
  3. Weighting can work for the question category. for example if u have 3 questions on the category “Customer Management” , you should be able to enter the weighting for the questions in the category. then rate each question.
  4. Should be Quarterly and yearly based on date of hire.
  5. Line Manager, Head of department as they will be countersigning persons that will enter their own comments as part of the appraisal system workflow. Once you have entered information, u will be able to view but cannot edit the appraisal. Completed appraisals cannot be modified. Added to employee employment history.
  1. Thanks, it sounds very straight forward in terms of implementation.

When will the KPI be set? If set during appraisal, it seems too late. If set earlier, when? How the employee is supposed to find out the KPIs?

  1. Do you have any sample in Excel that you could show me?

This is an example
Category : Human resource Duties Score (10%)
Weight (in % of score) Rank (scale of 0 to 5) Score (W*R)/5
1.Maintain relevant records for employees benefits, forms etc Weight (50) Rank (4) Score ( 4)
2.Follow up on HR matters for members of department Weight (50) Rank (3) Score ( 3)
Manager Comments

Category total score is therefore 4+3 ( 7)

The number of items may be dynamic based on what will be evaluated.

The KPI should be set before the evaluation period begins eg for Quarter 2 of 2023, this should be set in Feb or march 2023. Unless new objectives are set. It will be the same for every eval period.

the sum of all the weight in that category must add to the score (in this case 10%)

  1. Just to be sure, using the formula Score (W*R)/5, first question will be 50% x 4 / 5 = 0.4 (40%), and eventually 40% * 10 (Total Score) = 4?

  2. How will the KPIs be communicated to the employee evaluated for performance? Do the employees need to access the appraisal questions via some formal arrangement? such as Announcement, or any other means?

  3. You mentioned that the KPIs will be set by line manager or department head, but does HR or someone else need to screen and approve the KPIs first?

  1. No the second item also scored 4 so 4+4 = 8 out of 10. Because the example only had 2 items the weighting works out to the 10%.
  2. I guess send an email or notification
  3. the HR role can approve the KPI set by the manager or HR can provides the KPI .

Er… I am still confused. Anyhow, is it possible to provide an example of your use case? Such as:

  1. When will you expect the KPI to be set in a year
  2. When your Line Manager will log in the system to prepare KPI
  3. After the KPI is done, who shall be notified first? HR role or employee?
  4. Can the HR reject the KPI, and what happens next?
  5. When the KPIs are done, notifications will be sent to employees?
  6. When an employee is supposed to start filling the KPIs?
  7. After submitting the appraisal, who will review first? Who will be next if any?
  8. Will there be any peer review? same KPIs?
  9. When will the appraisal be considered done? After final review by managers? or after HR role approval?

If I could get a complete picture of how the workflow works in actual life, I could have a better design that closely captures the real world workflow, and it will completely replace the current offline appraisal process easily.

ON-LOAN means this is our employee but he is on loan to another company for extended period of time (i.e. contracted out). When I set his Job Type to ON-LOAN he will not appear in my Active employee list until we change him back.

TEMPORARY means he is not our permanent employee but working with us for a certain period of time usually under a temporary contract. We found a way around this one by using unique ID starting with TMP. so you may ignore this one.

If TEMPORARY means on a temporary contract, why don’t you set it under Employment Terms?

@Yoyo08 @mudassar I have just released the first version of Incident Management, you may take a look and leave your feedback here: Incident Management

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Hi Kap Chew,

I would like to suggest for you to add an anonymous suggestion box. I think this is very useful for organisations to understand or protect their employees. Hope to see this feature soon!

This seems like an interesting feature. May I know more about the idea? such as:

  • why do you need it to be anonymous? is it to complain about some other employee?
  • is this to be directed to employer alone? should other employees see this suggestion too?

A feature that currently requires us to use excelsheet is Timesheet. We don’t want to record check in or check out time, but we want to record hours worked per day, project name and task description. Other than that, is awesome for what we need. I will appreciate if something like an ADP weekly timesheet system where it shows dates, hours, project name and task description can be implemented. Thanks

I think what you need is a project time tracking feature, is it?

If so, you may open a new post and try to describe more on your requirements and use cases, if sufficient information is provided, it will help speed up the design and implementation later.

Hi kapchew,

First of all, thanks for the wonderful application.

I respect your decision regardless but I wanted to inform one of the reasons for allowing to enter just hours instead of check in time in and out. From my understanding, in US, it is almost like a rule that unless the employees are non-exempt like nurses, shift people (not full time salaried) that are required to check in and check out time, it is not legal or something to ask those professional exempt salaried employees (engineers etc. in IT, bio-pharma, energy etc. all industries) to enter check in and check out time. What is required for such exempt people is weekly timesheet so they can enter hours Mon to Fri for each day how many hours they worked, absent etc. If there is any way to have a simple table like your workday template with these fields 1) dates listed for Mon to Fri 2) code: Work, Holiday, Absent 3) total hours per day and 4)description / comment field, that will be a great time saver. I don’t know coding etc. but for such a good cause that can make this tool useful for many companies like ours, I would be happy to volunteer with anything else like table formatting, testing etc.
If this is complicated, even if we can make an external timesheet but it does not require check in- check out time, and we have a way to enter total hours per week for these codes: Regular, Overtime, PTO, Sick time for only payroll processing only, that will be helpful to save time.

Thanks a lot for looking into it

  1. Are you replying to the correct context? The one that I replied to Andrew does not seem to be relevant to what you are suggesting.

  2. For a separate time sheet submission, have you checked out Document Workflow? Is this feature not sufficient for your need?

You are probably right… I may have misunderstood. Thanks for informing on workflow, I found a place to attach separate excel timesheet. I think I will need your help on how to capture overtime or expenses in payroll but maybe expenses are automatically captured in payroll and overtime can be entered using earnings. I will try to ask a new question on that after trying to search if someone asked and you already answered that. Thank you so much for all your help

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Thanks for this. Any timeline to this? Also how do you rate your product pipeline? how about doing a voting system for your users to vote which feature matter the most to them?

I have just updated to support P.A.Y.E via Statutory Table, you may check out here: Statutory Table