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@kapchew any plans to start polling for Kiosk attendance module?

Done: [POLL] Kiosk Mode for Time Clock

This is a suggestion of a feature that isn’t implement yet (as far as I know).

Could the application push for notifications to team members (ie members of the same department ) when a leave is approved? This is particularly useful in workplaces where there are shifts and medium to large number of staff.

I know it is possible to check the planner and schedule tabs to confirm such information, but that requires constant attention.

It is also possible to manually create an announcement through the app, but that is manual. It’d be preferable to have the option to turn it automatic

Thank you for your effort

Why do you need ALL team members to be notified? While I could understand certain people may need to know the leave status, but I cannot understand the need for ALL team members to do so, especially when you say that the staff is large.

It is exactly as you say. I agree that there is no need to notify everyone.

I may not have been clear enough, forgive me. I meant the direct team members, I have also put in parentheses as an example the department as a group.

So, for a medical complex, this would be like notifying the dentists and their assistants of a dental assistant’s leave(for example). In contrast with sending this same notification to the whole medical staff, which may as well include orthopedics and dermatology. In this instance, it wouldn’t make sense to notify them too, as you have said.

Currently there is already a CC option that you can use to notify additional employees, have you explored this option yet?

I have not. I am not aware of any features that send notifications selectively except for announcements.

I am very new here but I would love to have the employee handbook available through the employee portal. It would be great to track either what they have read or how long they spent with the Employee Handbook too, although just having an on-line version of the Handbook would be really great and save a bunch of trees. lol

By “the employee handbook” I am referring to the Employee Handbook I have created for my business. I don’t have any idea how it could be hosted, but perhaps different “chapters” or “categories” could be separate documents to track if the employee has actually clicked the link and opened the document. That would be one helpful way to track their contact with the Employee Handbook.

There are many ways to host the employee handbook, either via

  1. Announcement attachment
  2. Document & File Sharing
  3. Discussion attachment

May I know why do you need to know if an employee has read the handbook? Is it very important to track this?

Unless your need is very special, there is already a way to do so. You may start a topic in Discussion, and ask your employee to reply something like “Done” to mean that they have read the handbook.

Hi! Just want to give an idea… Can a notification message setting under the (Attendance->Setting) be added;

Notification Message for Check-In set [1 min] AFTER workday schedule : [Don’t forget to Check-in today]. (if no detected check-in yet)

Notification Message for Check-Out set [5 mins] after workday schedule : [Don’t forget to Check-Out today]. (if no detected check-out yet)

I hope this can help.


This feature can be easily found from other reminder apps, as adding these kind of feature will only make hard to maintain later.

Hi kapchew, I would like to make a request and a suggestion, My request is: it would be possible that with a Administrator account, manage 2 or more employer accounts, this would be essentially useful for those who have several LLCs or organizations My suggestion: it is to use the Administrator account, as a system account only with access to purely system functions such as the creation and deletion of company, manager and user accounts, changing the Employer account’s registered email and password closing the Employer account changing the Employer Portal Name Etc, at least that’s how I did it when I was developing accounting and ERP systems

  1. Sorry, I still don’t understand why do you need to limit the Admin account.

  2. If you need a consolidated account to manage multiple accounts, you can already do that now. Please visit the user guide.

R-1. Generally, as a security practice in these systems such as HR, ERP, CMR, etc., it is structured that way.
The Admin account (system account) creates administrators, these administrators create groups, these groups create users and these users create roles.
This prevents Admin from being shared in some circumstances such as the employer getting sick or taking vacation since it is not good practice for several users to have access to the same account, and even more so if this is a super account (root), not to mention that it would be more difficult to debug the system log, but this is just a suggestion

R-2. Yes, I know that currently doing that is possible, which I don’t see as efficient,
Let’s imagine that someone has 10 (1-10) small companies, with 10 employees each, and decides to create another (eleventh) with 5 employees (HR company) to be able to make payroll and manage their human resources, in this case if they decided to use a would have to create 11 employer accounts, add companies 1-10 to its ten employees each, then it would have to create and invite 5 more employees in each to give it the HR-role, this step would have to be repeated 50 times more than necessary, for statistical purposes there would be 5 more employees in each company, meaning that now each company has 15 employees registered in the system, when in reality there are 10. and the HR company has 5
and doing all this, if I had to do any function of Administrator I would have to log-in and log out in each company, and if I decided to process the payroll of all the companies I would have to select the 10 employees in each company since the others 5 are only HR managers, and the option of selecting all of them would not be feasible.

Er… are you aware of the role of Manager? it is a level less powerful than Admin, but could basically do all the tasks without access to Admin account.

Or am I missing something here?

No, you don’t have to login as Admin, again you may want to visit the user guide to understand how to use a consolidated account to switch among companies easily.

Ha, this is not a typical user yet. Even though there are some on the system, but only a handful.

no, that’s 100% correct, that’s precisely why my suggestion was to give that same versatility to the Hr-Admin account,

Yes, you have to log in and out if you want to do things like: assigning HR role to other employees. disabling Employee Web Accounts. enabling Employee Web Accounts. changing the Employer Portal Name. but my request is not based on those functions, but on the great advantages that there will be if you implement it, above all it would be a great motivation for users to join the Crowdfunding campaign. The possibility for existing users to transfer full control of their employee accounts without having to give up their email and password.