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And as for my example, I know it was a bit exaggerated But I only did it with the aim of exemplifying the idea. And I know you may have few users of this type, but you’d be surprised by the fact that I’m auditing your software because a customer, who saw your app in two of the non-profit organizations he sponsors, was impressed, and asked me to review the website with the goal of migrating his other companies to your platform if feasible. And I think you implement this option and some more would have a great possibility for bookkeepers and pay roll agents to use your system. And last but not least, I would like to thank you for your answers, I know it is difficult for a person to answer questions from the forum.

  1. Actually implementing this is not difficult, I could just remove the restrictions imposed on Manager role now.

  2. Or I could introduce another system role which is between Admin and Manager.

  3. Even so, I will still restrict the account ownership change to the Admin only, i.e. the account holder.

Dear Sirs,

May i know can you export txt file for Socso?
then we can upload to socso

This will be supported later.

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I agree with nr1 - an employee might take 2 days but day 1 would be half. So perhaps an option to change the amount of days to 1.5. There’s no way at the moment that we can select which of the 2 days are half - it deducts half from both days.

Hi Kap Chew

how can i add figure BIK together with salary, therefore can calculate the pcb contribution

the figure BIK only to insert in for calculation of tax

  1. Can you provide a calculation example?

  2. Do you mean BIK is for tax calculation only, but not to be included in the gross salary?

Hi Kap Chew

if now using the system :
Salary - deduct employee part epf /socso/eis/TAX
13500 -1485-24.75-9.90-1804.20 = 10176.15 ( net salary )

but i need to ADD BIK figure 1700

which mean salary 13500 + BIK 1700 (but this 1700 will not paid out to staff), then only process to calculate epf/socso/eis & TAX


  1. That means the BIK 1700 is to be added to 13500 = 15200, then use this figure to calculate EPF, SOCSO, EIS and Tax, but still show net salary as 13500 - (EPF, SOCSO, EIS and Tax)?

  2. Do you need to show BIK in payslip?

Hi Kap Chew,

  1. yes after added = 15200, the BIK 1700 NO NEED calculate epf/socso/eis,
    only salary 13500 calculate epf/socso/eis
    **1700 only calculate pcb, i cant find any to work on this

  2. yes