Use Case Example: Employee Misconduct

  • Suppose we have the following employees with the relevant roles:

    1. Xavier (ordinary Employee, who spots the misconduct of another employee)
    2. Michael (ordinary Employee, who does the misconduct)
    3. Daisy (Head of Department)
    4. Helen (HR Role)
    5. Billy (The Boss)
  • Xavier is working at a warehouse. In the Employee Manual, it is clearly stated that all warehouse workers are prohibited to smoke within the compound.

  • However, Xavier notices that one of his co-workers Michael often sneaks to a corner which appears to be in the blind spot of CCTV to smoke.

  • As this act is obviously against the company rule, and would be a serious safety hazard to the work place, Xavier decides to report this incident to draw the attention of the management.

  • One day, when Michael repeats his habitual misconduct, Xavier takes a snapshot of Michael smoking at the hidden corner.

  • Xavier accesses :small_blue_diamond: Incident :small_orange_diamond: Submission :small_blue_diamond:, and file a new incident report under MISCONDUCT against Michael together with the snapshot as an evidence. As Xavier does not want to be in direct conflict with his co-worker, he files the report ANONYMOUSLY.

  • Helen (HR Role) will be notified whenever there is a new incident reported by employees. She goes to :small_blue_diamond: Incident :small_orange_diamond: Management :small_blue_diamond: to check the report. As there is a clear photo evidence for the case, she determines that the case is genuine and go ahead to open an investigation against Michael. Michael is required to explain before a deadline.

  • When an investigation is opened, all relevant stakeholders will be notified except Xavier (as he reports the incident ANONYMOUSLY, he will not be involved at all. Had Xavier chosen to report with his own identity, he may be involved in the investigation). Stakeholders and their involvement could be set via :small_blue_diamond: Incident :small_orange_diamond: Category :small_blue_diamond:. Each Incident Category could have different stakeholders with different level of involvement in investigation. Additionally, each Incident Category has an option whether to allow for ANONYMOUS reporting.

  • During the investigation, Billy (The Boss) is very concerned not just about an employee’s misconduct, but the blind spot of existing CCTV. He raises his concern in the investigation and wants Daisy to remedy the CCTV blind spot issue.

  • Since there is a clear evidence against him, Michael admitted his misconduct in the investigation and promises not to repeat in future.

  • The management decides to close the investigation with a decision to issue a WRITTEN WARNING to Michael according to the relevant Employee Manual clauses.

  • The incident is closed and this record will be accessible to Michael’s managers via :small_blue_diamond: Incident :small_orange_diamond: Team :small_blue_diamond:, while Michael could also access all his past incidents via :small_blue_diamond: Incident :small_orange_diamond: Myself :small_blue_diamond:.

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