The Relationship between Leave Entitlement and Earned Leave

Hi, I would like to enquire for below case.

A staff is entitled 8 days Annual Leave per year & she started joining the company and earning leave effective 1 February 2024. Therefore she should be getting 0.66 day as of today on 28 March 2024 (prorated over a year, earned on monthly basis) but the system shows 0.61 day as of today.

In the column entitled, I keyed in 7.33 as suggested in your userguide (yearly entitlement 8 days / 12 months x 11 months as she joined since Feb).

Please advise if the my calculation is correct? Thanks.

No, as you have already set the Earning Start to be at 1 Feb 2024, therefore you should enter 8 days for Entitlement.

I used another staff’s account to demonstrate based on your suggestion here to enter 8 days for Entitlement. Assuming this other staff joined 1 Feb 2023, prorated over a year earned on monthly basis. On 31 Dec 2023, this staff on has been given 8 days of leave, which she is supposed only to be given 7.33 days (8 days per year / 12 months x 11 months with the Company joining Feb 23).

Oh, sorry that I misunderstood your situation.

In this case, you will need to use Custom Allocation, because the proration calculation is always over ONE YEAR period. In your case, even if the earning starts at 1 Feb 2024, but the proration period will be from 1 Feb 2024 till 31 Jan 2025, which is not what you wanted I think.

Using a Custom Allocation, you will pre-calculate the number of days earned at the end of each month and the employee will earn according to that schedule.


Sorry for the wrong suggestion to use Custom Allocation in my last reply.

I just realised that there was a simple solution to your situation.

Actually, you just have to set up your employee as if she joined your company at 1 Jan 2023, and give her full entitlement of 8 days.

Then in the Carried Over, minus the 1 month entitlement from her, i.e. 8 / 12 = -0.67


Earning Policy: Prorated over a year, earned on monthly basis
Earning Start: 1 Jan 2023
Valid From: 1 Feb 2023
Valid Until: 31 Dec 2023
Entitled: 8
Carried Over: -0.67

You may check here for more details: Set Up Partial Entitlement