Incorrect font when printing payslip to PDF

I searched for a solution to this problem and attempted to resolve it as suggested in this post.

However, even after downloading and installing all relevant font files the text for the Employee name is still not displayed correctly in the PDF. It displays fine in the print preview windows, so eventually, I had to take screenshots and crop them in order to provide employees with their slips.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue and is there a fix planned for it?

Example - PDF
BG Cyber Connections HR Center @ - Avast Secure Browser 21_03_2023 6_50_08 am

Your PDF is not viewable.

Exactly, that’s the problem.
The preview is fine as shown below.
BG Cyber Connections HR Center @ - Avast Secure Browser 21_03_2023 6_49_31 am

Er… sorry that I cannot repeat your problem, regardless of how many times I tried.

You may try with a faster connection next time to see if it’s better.

What bandwidth would you recommend?
I’m currently using 300Mbps

Everything else on the Payslip is in the correct font apart from that small section with the darker background. PDF interprets it as an image rather than text.

WOW, your bandwidth is 10x mine. I am using only 30Mbps.

I think probably that’s due to some other problems then. Have you tried different settings on the printer/ export option?

Have you tried different web browsers or computers?

I will try another browser and let you know.

It would be great to be able to print from the android app.

I also have not tried printing directly to the printer. Only to PDF.

So I tried saving directly to PDF and it works fine. The problem only occurs when printing as Adobe PDF.
Printing using Microsoft’s print to PDF also works fine.

Does anyone else have an issue using the Adobe printing function?

I see. Thanks for sharing your findings with me.

No problem. Hope you’re able to find a solution.

Also, are there plans to allow printing on the Android app?

I don’t know yet, as my hands are full now, there are plenty of more important features that I will want to implement soon.

That’s understandable.
Great product.

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