Help Requested!

I am a new employer here and I wanted to test on some sample employees when I ran into some issues.

  1. I can’t edit many of the employee details like salary, etc. even though I’m the administrator. I used the quick fill form and even though it said I would be able to edit the rest of the details after adding the employee it’s not letting me do that.
  2. I have a small business right now so I can handle things on my own for now but in the future when I hire an HR person, how do I create an account for them? I tried to “Invite” using the regular option and even though I selected the HR Specialist role with Administrator privileges it only created a regular employee account.
  3. There was a previous topic from a person who highlighted payroll concerns where 1 person whose payroll was showing from before his effective date. Was that fixed? I read the latest update notes and they didn’t mention about that so maybe I thought it could’ve been fixed in a previous update.
  1. & 2. Kindly visit the online user guide: Online HR Software :: Get Started with My HR Employee Management Software
  2. You have misunderstood the relevant post, you may re-read again to have a better understanding.

I saw the HR Manager help guide page.

It did not help. It didn’t explain “How” to assign an employee as HR Manager. I’ve attached 2 images, 1 shows an employee I’ve assigned as HR Specialist but they’re not able to login to the HR Role login page in the second image.

It didn’t allow me to post the second image so it’s in this post.

I strongly advise you to read again, carefully this time. I wrote the user guide, I knew what’s in it.

Okay…Finally…I managed to do it. In short:
Go to Web Account Management on Employer Account to Assign HR Manager role to Employee.

Now that that’s done, I finally did what I originally wanted to see and that was the last point #3 in the First Post.
I set 4/15 as the starting date of an employee and I wanted to see what would be his expected salary for April.

Now when I started his payroll it showed me his full basic salary on the payroll without subtracting the working days (See below post for payroll image). Now my question is: How do I get the payroll to show what should be the expected salaries of my employees?


Also, if I sign up for the sponsorship will the advertisement be removed for my whole organization or just my account?

And can you please make the company logo size adjustable? I have a rectangular horizontal company logo so it doesn’t fit the dimensions.

You will need to use Deduction to deduct non-working days.

If you sponsor as Employer, then ALL employee accounts plus employer account will not see Ads.

However, if you sponsor as Employee, then only your employee account is ads free.

It doesn’t matter what shape your logo is, it will be resized to fit the square image slot using the right aspect ration.