Earning % of Basic Salary


Thank you for the amazing work on HR.my. We have 300 employees and I am excited to see if HR.my cover all our current needs.

After reading the user doc, I am still wondering if I can add earnings as a % of the basic salary.

In Saudi Arabia, the typical salary breakdown looks like the following:

Basic Salary + Housing Allowance (25% of basic salary) + Transporation Allowance (10% of basic salary) + Food Allowance (Can be fixed amount or %) + Other Allowance (Can be fixed amount or %) = Total Salary

It is important to have this breakdown as contributions only apply to Basic Salary and Housing Allowance.

Thank you for all your great work.

This is not supported yet, but it’s already planned.

Please take a look at item 14: HR.my Upcoming Features Todo List

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Thank you for the quick response, looking forward to it!

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