Upgrade Suggestion

  1. Add statutory report for epf, socso, eis, pcb each that can download in txt files.
  2. Add yearly payroll report and the report also can be download form E. Same kind like when we want download EA form for staff in hr.my
  3. Add section for department. Sometimes 1 department got few section.
  4. For payroll report, earning and deduction can be more details and not just lum sum amount. Like in earning got overtime, allowance n etc.
  5. Got auto options for zakat. If staff want use pay zakat instead pcb, we can just click zakat and amount pcb auto appears in zakat
  6. Add annual leave balance in payslip.
  7. Make few options to select of payslip design. Payslip now if we add more details like earning and deduction will become 2 page. Better make it 1 page.
  8. Location for clock in can add set how many meters staff can clock in from designated workplace.
  9. For logo company if design too big in payslip will look small. That one can you do something like allowed for adjustment.

.3. Can you give me some examples of department with sections?

.5. I am not quite familiar with zakat. Can you please elaborate with more details and example?

.6. May I know what’s the purpose of showing Annual Leave balance in payslip?

.7. Sorry that I don’t quite understand. If there are more earning or deduction items, it will still go to the 2nd or 3rd page, am I missing something here?

.8. Do you mean GeoFencing? What if when the GPS signal is not reliable, your employee may not check in in that case.

.9. Sorry that I don’t understand this too. Can you post an example to illustrate the problem?

  1. Example for department production, we have operator work at filler section, mixing section, labelling section
  2. At malaysia, we can choose to pay zakat instead pcb for muslim. The amount of zakat must be same like pcb. Thats why i suggest to hv options to pay pcb or zakat. So in payslip will appears zakat auto amount same like pcb.
  3. Just for staff who cant access hr.my can see their leave balance. Not all staff are tech savvy.
  4. Now payslip if got so many details in earning or deduction. It will be lot of data inside payslip and the payslip become 2 page. So its good if can design options like A5 design or 1 design that can have all data in 1 page. If i change the percentage to make it small. The payslip details will look too small.
  5. Yes geofencing. Because staff now can clock in even from their home. If can set how many meters they can clock in will be nice. Like options. Coz some staff that need meet client no need set their location.

For logo, if put logo like small n fit your size it will look nice at payslip. But if we put long logo, it will look small in payslip.

.3. May I know what do you intend to do with the “Section” field for Department?

.4. Do you mean that the whole amount of PCB could be paid as Zakat instead?

.6. I think you still don’t understand my clarification. If there are many line items, such as many earning or deduction items, no matter how you design it will still overflow to the 2nd page.

.7. You may restrict by IP. This will force your employees to connect to your office Wifi in order to clock in or out.

.9. Er…

if put logo like small n fit your size it will look nice at payslip

Why you can’t put small size then?

  1. To monitor how much staff in that section and check our forecast too.
  2. Yes. We can pay zakat instead pay pcb. So if u put options to pay zakat more great. The amount must be same like pcb amount. Now i hv to process the payslip n check the pcb amount before i can put zakat amount and update tax not contribute and process payslip again.
  3. Sample payslip in 1 page

.4. If I understand you correctly, you mean an option for employee to pay the amount of PCB as Zakat. Then upon each payroll run, the generated PCB will be automatically contributed as Zakat, while the PCB amount will be reset to zero. Am I correct?

.5. Do you mean you need a 2-column payslip?

  1. Yes you are correct
  2. In order to get all details in 1 page then yes i need 2 column

Noted with thanks.

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  1. Make tax/pcb & zakat an option with portion. Some staff paid enough amount as zakat and would like to remain some as being paid in tax.

Ie. His total tax is RM2000. Zakat is only 1500. So the portion of payment would be zakat RM1500, and tax RM500.

In that case, where do you expect the option with portion to be filled? During payroll processing? or in Employee salary profile just like EPF rate?

Why not both? Our staffs do it PCB way.

as for mine, I pay lump sum by end of year. both tax & zakat.

So maybe adding it as monthly & as lump sum at any time of the year could be an option too.

In employee salary details. Same like other statutory

Both also will have. Pcb and zakat also will have in system but for those who want pay zakat instead pcb can hv an options. In your case, u still can do what u did now as usual. But the options only for those who want pay pcb as zakat.

Do you mean the option to pay whole PCB as Zakat on each payroll?

I don’t quite follow here. Can you elaborate on how both options should work and where to see these options?

Oh, you mean for Option with Portion, we do it via Salary Details?

Yes. just like in salary employee details. Can put as an options. My explaination and your understanding previous is already correct before.

u think when u can do this. If u put the options fast its better…coz i no need process payroll check pcb amount and process again the payroll…

Options with portions not my suggestion. Its others suggestion. Options for zakat can do at salary employee details or during process payroll. Once i use payroll system that has an options for change to zakat but i did for each payroll. In hr.my i think at salary adjustment. But if can do at salary employee details like epf also can