Unable to upgrade sponsorship

I need to add more admins to my account.
I purchased a sponsorship recently but have used up my 4 allotted sponsorship slots. I tried to upgrade but once i make my selection there is not option to proceed further even though i was successful in making a donation.
Can anyone assist?

Thanks for your support.

Kindly understand a yearly sponsorship will allow you to add 2 more HR Roles, and in your case, for 2 unit of yearly sponsorships, you could add up to 4 more HR Roles beside the existing free one.

In the meantime, donation is for users who would like to provide financial support to HR.my’s development without needing any return.

Yeah. No worries about the donation. I was just testing to see if the payment would process.
I need your assistance in processing payment for upgrading my sponsorship.


There is no direct upgrade path for sponsorship yet.

However, what you may do is to cancel your current sponsorship, which will continue to be valid until it expires.

After that, you may “top up” the difference with a different sponsorship.

All you valid sponsorship will add up all the entitlements to your account.

Thanks for your assistance.
Problem solved.

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