Unable to Login

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Lately there are some difficulties with some of our staff which is they unable to Login via web & apps. Tried to update, uninstall & install back however still can’t go through. The notification appear seem that they use the wrong tab. However they use the correct tab “employee”. Need your assistance on this. Thanks


I just checked, there is no problem on my end.

Can you ask them to use another device or browser to try?

Yes. Some tried on Google & safari okay. But can’t click the button attendance :cry:

I think something is very wrong on their computer or device.

Ask them to try to clear browser cache, or try on a different computer or device.

If they still receive the same error message, then you will need to check if someone deleted their employee record, or disable their web account.

As far as HR.my is concerned, everything works fine.

Noted. Thanks for your help

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