Turn of email notifications for spercific HR Roles

Hi, we have an HR role “IT admin” which has recently started to receive all the email notifications HR.my requests leave requests etc can this be turned back off? they don’t need or want to be notified of every leave request or approval. they only have a HR role so they can add people to the system etc not to approve or review requests.

In Employee → HR Role, change the access rights of Leave Management and Leave Planner / Review to either View or No Access.

They still need to be able to add Leave for people and add allowances and edit allowances they just don’t need to be emailed about it

As long as they need to have Modify access rights for Leave Management or Leave Review, they will receive notification for leave workflow events.

could an option be added so they don’t? they keep getting spammed with emails and they don’t need the emails , am sure you used to be be abe to turn it off as they never got spammed before

Actually, this new situation is supposed to be the planned behaviour. All the while I didn’t have time to handle the notification for such HR Roles yet, that’s why they didn’t receive any. But this was supported since yesterday, that’s why you see the new behaviour now.

Speaking of options, they are always possible, but again, it’s a matter of time. Honestly, this will not be anywhere near the top of my todo list even if I intend to add it.

it would be very much appreciated if it could be added as I imagine there will load of people who have HR roles that don’t want to be bombarded with emails

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