Total undertime\overtime

Is it possible to have an attendance report for each month that shows the total working hours and total undertime and overtime for each employee, either individually or in a full report for all employees that mentions next to each one of them the total hours and total undertime and overtime?

Can you show me an expected report sample? And what’s the purpose of having such report?

i have a sample as an excel sheet.
cause here in the company we pay salaries depending on total working hours, so with such a report at the end of the month, it will be better to know ( total working hours + undertime\overtime ) for each employee.
that will make it easier to calculate deduction or bonus for the salary.

Have you tried Attendance->Management, then export the report?

i tried it.
it shows working hours for each day seperatly, but i have to add them together in the excel sheet.
and for the overtime, its always in positive. so if the employee worked less hours, it will still show number in positive.

having a feature that calculates automatically the total working hours and the total (overtime - undertime = the actual overtime) will make it easier in my opinion.

the report feature as you said in ( Attendance->Management, then export the report ) is really helpful, but i just wanted to ask for the others hhhhh.

Sorry, what do you mean with this?

i meant that what i asked about is just a question. the features already applied to the website are amazing.

but just wanted to ask if its possible to do what i said.

er… actually I was wondering what “hhhhh” meant.

thats just a laugh hhh

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Did you get an answer on this?
It would make my job so much easier to be able to calculate not only daily but weekly, monthly.
Please let me know thanks.

You could easily sum up via the exported Excel report using simple Excel Sum function.