Time Clock In Features Issue

Hi sir, found that time clock in feature not stable in website mobile version, location not able to detect and clock in/out and we’ve tried on both android/IOS webpage as well, IOS detected few times after but Android website mobile version still do not avail.

Can help to find out why was the issue occured and resolve it?

Hi, this is due to a bug in Android’s recent Webview component update. Kindly update your Android System Webview via Google Play and try again.

Thank you, will try again.

Thanks let me try this

I am still having trouble after updating the webview app

I see. In that case I think you could consider using the HR.my Mobile app for Android. There is really nothing I could do with the Android system component.

Alright thanks. Will resort to desktop view on mobile for now. Maybe another update may resolve the issue

Let’s hope so. But why not try out the mobile app?

So the reality is we are in a low resourced environment in Africa, where staff have phones with limited capacity. Some of my staff can’t download the app due to compatibility issues or their phone does not have the space so they are restricted to their mobile browser

I see.

Anyhow, the problem with WebView is completely beyond me, kindly understand that too.

No stress we are managing now. Just set up a dedicated pc and phone for users with problematic personal devices. Thanks for your efforts your app is helping us a lot

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