Setup KPIs (performance indicators)

In can we setup KPIs (performance indicators) for our staffs…we can analyse their performance by quarterly yearly etc…is there any option

Can you tell me more about your use case? I can design one if it’s useful for all users.

you can design separate section for employee performance evaluation. it can be every quarterly
we can write their KPIs and notify the staffs to complete it from their part…after they completed Hr or Department manager can be put their comment and mark about this particualar staff

These are the things we required (photo attached)
and you can setup the automatic % of mark in traffic light system

Sorry, what do you mean with:

I mean after we put % of mark for the particular staff out of 100
for example one employee evaluation mark 88% which mean he is in “great Category” so you have to set up the auto formula also when we given mark, so the result should be come in the bottom automatically.

I see. But can you tell me the whole process in detail? I can only design a feature if I understand the use case fully.

i.e. how and when this process starts, who does what. Then at what time you will make the % and who will be involved etc?

This is for every staffs in the organization. this is for their appraisal. you can add this function in our app from April.
You can add separate section for employee performance evaluation under home page. then we can can search each staff and click on the + option and list out each KPI (work we assigned for the last three months)

could you prepare and show me any demo or sample…then we can discuss and do the changes accordingly

Sorry that I don’t work this way.

Could you let me know…how can you prepare it as your convenient way?

For new features, I will first need to collect sufficient use cases from many users, then I will decide a proper design that will meet most users’ use cases.

Any update regarding this? can we expect this facility in

No, insufficient info to even consider the design.