Schedule for Statutory Deductions

I would like to know if you can set a schedule for when you can deduct certain statutories. For example:

We have 3 Statutories. Let’s call them S1, S2 and S3.
My payroll is set to generate Semi-monthly payrolls, so that would mean 2 payrolls in a month.

I would like to deduct S1 on the 1st Payroll of the month. Then S2 and S3 on the 2nd Payroll. Can you let me know if this is possible and how we can do it?

This kind of setup is not supported yet.

For now, you will need to change your payroll items manually, i.e. when you are processing 1st payroll, add S1. Then when you are processing 2nd payroll, add S2 and S3.

thanks for responding.

Does that mean i have to go into each employee and change manually? Or is there a way to do it in batches?

For now, Yes.