Request to add Check In/Out Date & Time to on Selfie & Location Page

In our organization, there is a requirement for office check-in/out with a Pacific background alongside your selfie. Based on this, we provide a punctuality bonus. However, at times, employees check in/out with different backgrounds. Since the date & time are not displayed on the Selfie & Location Page, we lack confidence in maintaining accurate records (Screenshot) for bonus eligibility.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Sorry, I don’t understand your point at all. For all Check in or out, time is already captured.

Please refer to this screenshot.

The time was on previous page already, why repeat it?

It would be helpful if the date & time information could be added to Selfie & Location Page, as we need to share a screenshot for investigation. This would make it easier to provide all the necessary information in 1 page/screenshot.

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may I expect an update on this in the future? :grinning:

I am not sure yet.

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