Registration of Non-Malaysian Employees

Hello there, I would like to ask regarding non malaysian employees. requires the passport number for expatriate employees, and unfortunately, the passport number of SG employee has expired. The passport number may change once it is renewed.

I would like to ask if this will affect the payslip and personal information of the employees?If this has no impact on the employee’s profile and payslip, does it imply that the passport number can be updated whenever the staff renews their passport?


Passport number will be shown in payslip if that employee is an Expatriate for the employer. Otherwise, if your Employer account’s Home Country is SG, and the employee’s nationality is SG too, then National ID will be shown in the Payslip instead.

Thank you. However, if they renew their passport number, can accept the new changes?

Yes, no worries, passport number can be updated anytime.

thank you so much! :smiley:

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