Regarding auto renew yearly leaves and renew monthly short leave hours

I like to use this system for our company’s purposes. I need to clarify: are there any facility of renew leave days and short leaves at the end of the month or start the new month ?

Sorry, I don’t understand your question, can you give me an example to illustrate?

We need to adjust this system as for like this,

Example : time period is 2023.01.01 to 2023.12.31. after user face to 2024.01.01, will renew his leave days to 2024 year ?

Sorry, I still don’t understand your question, what do you mean with:

I believe the question is if there is a function of ‘auto renewal’ of annual leave. So if an employee has 24 days leave and there have been deductions taking it to zero, on the 1st of the next year, does their leave reset back to 24 days automatically?

If this is his question, then there is no such feature yet.

Currently you will need to import entitlements again for each new year.