Payroll Prorated for new employee joining on random date in the month

Apologize if this is duplicated. I can’t seems find this in existing topics.

If an employee joins by 13-March-2023 with basic salary of 2000, how do i ‘process’ the payslip with prorated amount of the month, something like 15 working day/26 X 2000 = 1153.85?

Thanks for kind assistance.

For now you will need to use Deduction items to subtract non-working days.

@kapchew, thanks you for your prompt reply.

Let say the employee joint on 13-March-2023.
If i am using the fixed-26 days calculation, normally my calculation will be (Salary/26) * working days.
But if i am using deduction, it will be (Salary/26) * (26 - working days).
So I guess the best solution for now is to use total days of the months? :slight_smile:

I think you misunderstood my reply:

  1. You may set up a Deduction called “Non-working Day”

  2. Assign it to your employee’s salary items during payroll process.

  3. Specify how much the rate for a single day, then specify the amount (i.e. number or days).

Process and you will get your result.

Whether it’s based on total days of month or actual working days, it’s completely up to you.

Noted on your suggestion and i have applied accordingly.
Next question is regarding the figure deducted for the KWSP for employer and employee:

13% and 11% seems not reflected correctly? Can you please have a look? Probably I didnt’ configure correctly in the deduction with statutory?
Thank you.

  1. I have been using the EPF contribution table for calculation, instead of simple rate multiplication.

  2. If you need different methods, you may set the EPF contribution rate to None, then use Statutory Contribution to enter your own figure.

IC. Noted on this and thanks for your kind explanation.

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