Overview and other Functionalities

Hi! I would like to suggest the following for ease of access and user experience.

  1. Overview “View” of Employees

    • where you can see all employees info at a glance
    • where you can select what info to be displayed / filtered
    • it is quite cumbersome to click each employee to find out specific information that we would like to check, correct, or confirm at a glance.
    • a simplified spreadsheet view would be awesome
  2. Total amount of Processed Payroll with details

    • I need to have a record the total amount of a processed payroll, as well as the total amount of each statutory
    • I would like to request a similar spreadsheet view as I mentioned above. These views would greatly help user interface and experience
  3. Batch Editing within the web app

    • i understand it is available now thru uploading of csv or excel files. but it would be much better to not have to export and import over and over, meaning I am doing most of my work on excel and off the platform with defeats the purpose.
  4. Format of excel attendance import sheet

    • Right now, the format of the excel import sheet for time attendance has the date and time in 1 cell. Most attendance hardwares export the date and the time in separate cells. It is not possible to concatenate date and time in excel. This would mean that I have to manually input the time attendance for each employee every day.
    • Currently if i have 25 employees, with a monthly payroll. That would mean inputting a total of about 1,500 entries (30 days x 2 entries per day x 25 employees)
    • A simple separation of cells in the excel sheet would make it easier for us to copy/paste attendances.
  5. Updating of Terms and reflecting these updates: Holidays, Leave terms, Statutories, etc

    • As of now, when we update the details of statutories, it does not reflect throughout the platform. we have to individually edit the info within each employee. It would be much better for the update to reflect throughout the platform.