New Employee Upload Template & Leave Template

We tried to upload the new employee upload file using the template you provided in your system several times but were not successful. We have already make sure the format are as stated in the notes.

We suspect it was due to the compatible Excel version of the file. We saved the files in Microsoft Excel 97-2003 Worksheet. However, the workbook contains formatting that is not supported by this file format. The dropdown disappeared after we saved the files. For your information, we are using Excel 2016 version and above.

We are unable to upload the templates for quite some time and we need to add the new employee details manually. This really consumed too much of our time.

Your kind assistance is highly appreciated.

Can you try to save using other software, such as WPS?

It works now. Thanks. :grinning:

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You mean it works with WPS without doing changing any specific setting right?

Yup. The dropdown button remains after I saved using WPS. No changing of setting is needed.

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I have managed to upload Employee records using excel except for the effective dates. The effective dates or rather all date columns have been updated as 1st of May.

You may check how the dates are entered in the original template.

I used date to match the format on template. Had to keep it as text format. The Excel autofill feature helped in auto populating the rest. Thank you.

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where can I get the new employee template ya?



What do you mean with “new employee template”?

I meant got any added new employee details template in excel file to upload?

Yes, it’s in the import dialog. Just read the instructions in the import dialog.

my apologies, where can I refer to the import dailog?

You may take a closer look at the UI, or visit the online user guide.

Sorry that I am not able to provide hand holding user training.