Need to change the unit of Expense claim. As like as PCS

Can I exchange this unit? according to my needs?

May I know what’s your required unit?

PCs, & Kg ,

Oh, may I know why do you need to enter that in unit? What if entering that in Reference or Reason field?

Some times we need to send some stationary item to factory area, or factory can claim some expenses as like as pen box, Pencil, which are count into pcs, or company driver claim oil for their car, so that’s why need this unit into expenses area because only expense, millage and time are available in expenses, so need more unit to claim all type of expenses various company use various unit to claim expenses. so if all UOM( unit of measurement available in expense claim , employer can use as per they need ,that’s why need to more Unit in expenses. that they can easily claim any type of expenses …through

I see. But as I said, how if entering that in Reference or Reason field?