My company change the domain for my email and I want to update to the new one

Hi, Please help me I can’t login after try to update email but not fully completed the process.
my company change the domain for my email. Example from to
When I tried to update email, the system send me the request code to old and new email. The problem is I can’t access the old email. Any solution?

  1. You may try to restore your old email address and proceed with the regular email changing process, or

  2. You may wait for the new change email address by Employer later, which will take quite some time.

Thank you for your answer.

I think for solution number 1 it is not possible because I have no longer access my old email.

For solution number 2, my employer already changed it to new email but there is no email verification to my email.

  1. Your employer cannot change your account’s “Registered Email” yet.

  2. Most likely your employer is only changing your employee record’s “Contact Email”, which may be different from your “Registered Email”.

Thank you for your explanation.
Then how to login again for me? I can’t access it the verification code that sent to my old email.

This is beyond me already. As I said, either restore your old email, or wait.

I have updated to support employee web account re-invitation.

If your employee web account’s original email account is no longer accessible, you may ask your Employer to access Web Account and look for the problematic employee web account, click at the “Re-invite” button to send out a new invitation for signing up another new employee web account, which will replace the existing one directly.

Thank you for your support :slightly_smiling_face:

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