Messaging feature and Announcement Update

  1. Kindly implement a messaging feature that will allow Employer to send message to all employees, selected employees, selected department or selected branch. Employees should be able to send messages to each other personally without other employees getting notified or seeing the message. Only the Super administrator should be able to manage and view all messages.
  2. Employer should be able to assign announcement creation to a custom role holder.
  1. Have you checked out Team->Discussion?

  2. Have you checked out Employee->HR Role?

In the Team → Discussion, you can only initiate discussion based on Organizational or Department or Branch level. What about One on One discussion without other staffs in the organization, department or branch seeing it?

I also observe that there is no feature to view employees based on Department or Branch. This will enable the administrator or HR-managers to see a breakdown of employee in each department and branch rather than searching through a long list of all employees. It will even help in analyzing employee in each department and branch.
Kindly look into it and make it a feature update.

  1. May I know why do you need one-to-one discussion on Most people are using WhatsApp, Line, Telegram for such purpose already, is your use case very different?

  2. Kindly visit the online user guide or spend some time to explore the user interface, the search by Department or Branch or other important fields are already supported, you just need to find out.

Kindly understand that many of your questions are due to your lack of experience with how works so far, I strongly recommend that you spend more time to study instead of raising your questions so quick.