Medical Leave / Hospitalization Leave - Day count issue

hi there sir.
I have this MC leave where need to block covid quarantine dates (5days straight) and it started from Sat/Sunday. I tried to change the setting or create new TYPE with the day count: CALENDAR DAYS but doesn’t work. pictures for reference.
I also have another case where staff masuk hospital 1.5months - I need to block the dates based on the MC and admitted days given by doctors. so that the system can calculate how much balance and that the staff himself can see the entitlement part how many days left after deduction of sick leaves.
Help! thank you so much. =)

For this, u need to set the working schedule for the staffs, then only can apply leave on the Saturday & Sunday. So, Admin/HR need to set the working schedule first (not Mon-Fri), then staff can apply weekends’ leave.
Also, Sunday is officially considered rest day by law; u can use to knock off the hospitalization day for Sundays?

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