Leave Prorated Monthly

I uploaded leave entitlements, carried forward plus entitlements prorated monthly. The month has started but it has not added for previous month. When I individually open up an employee and change the earning policy to none, save, then change back to monthly, it updates. Should this not update automatically? pls assist.

Sorry, I don’t understand your question.

Can you give me some examples to illustrate your question?

For example employee A has a carried forward balance of 2 days as at end April. Entitlement is 14 days from May to Dec. Prorated Monthly. It should add 1.75 every next month. So begin June it should show balance of 3.75. it still shows 2 days balance. When i go to the Employee A and change the earning policy to none it shows 2 plus 14 days. when i change it back to prorated monthly it shows 3.75. it should automatically update the balance every following month right? i should not be updating manually by changing earning policy for each employee?

Kindly note that for “Prorated Monthly” earning policy, it is calculated based on 12-months interval.

Hi. sorry I do not understand. can you share more information or examples pls.

Sorry that I am not able to provide handholding training.

Kindly visit the user guide or spend some time to explore the system to understand how it works.