Leave Management - Future Entitlement

it will be great if there is a function that can show future entitlement balance.

When leave earning by Prorated over a year, earned on daily basis, the leave balance only shows the total as at today, when staff apply long holiday for following months, his current balance doesn’t show the future balance, there will be a difficult for approvers to calculate the future balance. if the approvers can see the future balance it will be great.

thank you.

Er… I don’t quite understand your use case.

Do you mean your staff do not have to earn sufficient balance when applying for leave, and negative balance is allowed?

Yes. eg. in Feb, the staff apply 5 days leave in month of May , current balance are 3 days, if in later of May, his balance will be 5 days. then the staff will has enough balance for the leave application. the approver then can consider if he shall to reject the application or not.


However, this is not trivial, as your use case may need another deadline option to view the projected leave balance too.

Maybe within 12months?

Yes, but you still need to have such cut off option supported, otherwise how to know say, balance in May, June etc?