Item disappeared & can't be retrieved

I’m setting Annual, Medical & Time-off options.

I accidentally toggle off ‘Active’ button for Medical. Suddenly that option disappeared. I can’t get it back.

When try to create new ‘Medical’ leave, it detect ‘duplicate’ for the CODE, indicate that the previously disappeared ‘Medical Leave’ option is still there, but nowhere to be found.

I only have Annual & Time-off on the list only. Help me.

Click at the Advanced Search button: Search and Sorting - YouTube

Then search for Inactive item and edit it to change the status back to Active.

Alright. got it. Thanks!

About this, “EARN IMMEDIATELY at Earning Start Date”

I thought come every new year, it will renew itself to grant new 14 days annual leave to staff? But it didn’t happen when coming in this year.

Seems like I need to grant annual leaves manually to all staffs every new year. If so, that’s exhausting…

Yes, for now you will need to manually set up the new entitlement again each year. In future I will implement support for the automatic rollover.

Already in timeframe? As when it will be implemented?

Sorry, no timeframe.