Iphone 15 after check in loading none stop

Hi @kapchew, one of our employees is facing an issue while attempting to clock in using the iPhone 15. After clicking “check-in,” the app loads indefinitely. We have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, but the problem persists. Please assist. Thank you.

I am sorry that I cannot repeat this problem on my iPhone or iOS devices.

Can you repeat this problem on other iPhone 15?

I’m sorry I did not understand what you meant by repeat. You want us to try with another iPhone 15? is that what you mean?

just for info. the problem is after he clicks check in the app is loading. normally loading a few seconds only then the “time in” appears. In this case its not.

attached the image for your reference

anyway, our company just use this app.

I know, but I cannot “reproduce” the problem with my devices. Can you reproduce this problem on your other iOS 15 devices?

ok noted… will check