Interface is messed up. Some text or HTML codes must be broken

Please see screengrab below. My dashboard has been looking like this for weeks now, I thought it would just go away but it seems like it’s not. I wonder if this is a known issue that is already being fixed? Interface is messed up. Some texts or HTML codes must be broken.

This is because your computer could not successfully download the required fonts from the server.

Try using another web browser or clear your existing web browser’s cache.

Hi, thanks for responding. I did clear cache and browsing history several times, and also used 4 different browsers, but the interface is messed up on all of them even after clearing cache, cookies and data.


You may try using a different network environment, try with another computer, or device etc.

As I already mentioned, the cause of this problem is your web browser failed to download required fonts. Possibly it’s due to your proxy set up, network or DNS setting etc, that caused the download to fail. There is nothing that I could do about it.

Alternatively, try the mobile APP.

Hi there. It’s been long a while, I thought if I wait it out the issue will eventually go away but the interface on my end is still messed up. I have already tried from another pc and other browsers but it’s all the same. I’ve played around my DNS using the default from my ISP and also the Google Public DNS but the issue won’t go away. I have a paid monthly sponsorship and I hope that someone could help fix the interface.


As I already mentioned, this has nothing to do with the server end, it’s completely due to client’s network environment.

You may try to clear your browser cache to see if it works, but perhaps you should try using the mobile App instead.