Incorrect Basic Salary in Payslip

Hi my staff salary on Sep’2022 is RM10,200, did adjustment for Jan’2023 increased to RM14,400. But now I process the payslip for Sep’2022, it calculate as RM14,400. Can check out what’s the problem?

For now, only latest salary info is used for payroll processing. Later I will add support to calculate based on historic salary data.

I see. May I know when will support this?

I am not sure, as I am quite busy with other features now.

I see. Would it be taking more than a month?

Actually you don’t have to wait for the new feature support.

For your problem, you just have to temporarily change the employee’s latest salary back to RM10,200, then process his/her payroll, then change it back to RM14,400.