portal annoucement notification

We are facing an issue where we still receiving notifications for new announcements even after an employee’s job status has been changed to resigned or dismissed.

May I know what steps we need to set up in order to ensure that we don’t receive the notifications again?

You will need to disable the employee’s Web Account if you do not want the employee to have access to your organisation portal or you do not want them to receive further notifications.

Kindly note that by setting an employee’s status to Resigned will not disable Web Account access. Web Account access has to be set via Employee->Web Account.

Thank You for your prompt reply.

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In the portal, when a new notification is received, say a member of staff has requested leave… why is that not a link to the actual section so you can action it? Instead, I’ve got a notification which I then have to painfully navigate around to get to where I need to be. Would save me 10 mins a day.


Noted with thanks.