How to set the office location for the staff to clock in?

Hi, to prevent the staffs from clock-in without their presence at office, is there any way for us to set up location for them to specifically clock in?

You mean GeoFencing? This is not supported yet, as I am not sure if it’s really useful as there are many fake gps apps that can help Android users falsify locations.

However, you may consider setting the IP address of your office and require your employees to clock in via office wifi.

How many ip address can we setting? I have 3 outlet so will need to input 3 ip address

At least 100 I think.

how to key in? I tried to key in but keep mention ip address format is wrong. I put , / all cannot

Kindly visit the online user guide.

the user guide do not mentioned anything about the IP address. I want to add more IP but no matter , / or any of the symbols all cannot. Could you advise

You don’t even have to visit the user guide for this issue, it’s already stated in the UI for Attendance Setting.

Sorry where is it mentioned?

1 IPv4 per line <—