How to Reprocess the Staff Salary

Hi Sir/Madam

Please show the step to reprocess the staff salary (to edit)

Thank you


Just select the payroll, and process it again.

Hi kapchew

I have tried many times by

  1. Selecting the same payroll (e.g. Jan)
  2. There are 5 employees in there
  3. Click the Pencil button
  4. Click the Process button
  5. Click Continue
  6. Message prompted to add employees
    “Click at the button to select employees”
  7. Click Select Employee button
  8. But there is no list of EE to select.
    No EE to select

Thank you.

Click at the magnifier icon on the upper right corner, then choose Processed employees.

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very helpful thanks. been deleting and restarting the whole process from scratch

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