How to create annual leave for 2024 that employees can apply in end 2023?

I am trying to create annual leaves for our staff for next year, so they can apply by end of year if they wish to utilise them in January.

But I am encountering error which I do not understand - Earning Start needs to be in the same Entitlement Year of 2023.

Our Earning Policy is Not Required - therefore it shouldn’t have any restrictions.

  1. Sorry that I overlooked your message.

  2. Thanks for reporting this issue, it’s a bug on the UI, and I have just fixed it, kindly try again.

Hi i just tried to do the same thing by using but still having the same error.

Input parameters:

  • No Earning Policy
  • Valid from : 01 Jan 2024
  • Valid to: 31 Dec 2024

No, the error message is not the same, and it’s a valid error message.

Kindly visit the online user guide on how to set up the entitlement.

Hi I have read the online user guide many times and I do not see any information about explaining a restriction that Valid From Year must be same as current year.

This is the page I am looking at to setup the entitlements for next year. Leave Management :: e-Leave (Paperless Leave Management System)

This is my configuration of the Earning Policy “Earning policy is not required”

Can you advise if our requirement - to be able to create entitlements for next year - possible? If yes - please advise if my configuration and setup flow is correct.

  1. Go to employee
  2. Add entitlement
  3. Select “Annual”
  4. Earning Poly: Not required type as mentioned above
  5. Valid from: Start of next year
  6. Valid to: End of next year
  7. Entitled: any positive number
  8. Carried over: Optional. 0

Just to add on, this is my configuration for Annual Leave Type.

But I believe it has nothing to do with the errors.

You missed a very important step, i.e.

  1. Go to employee
    1a. Change the Entitlement Year to 2024 ← missed step
  2. Add entitlement

Thanks Kapchew it is working,

I didnt know it would be needed to add year 2024 as the guide only mentioned to add for previous years.

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