How to change payslip format

Hi, How to change payslip from format 1 to format 2

Format 2 is old format, which has been replaced by Format 1.

Is format 2 no longer available?

That’s correct.

hello kapchew.

may i suggest to you that you can provide a on-pager or compact version of payslip?
i noticed with addition of deduction or earning, will easily make the payslip extended into two pages.

thank you.

anyway, happy Chinese New Year :wink:


Thanks. Happy CNY to you too.

May I know how would the compact version look like? Is it with reduced spacing between items, or removal of certain items altogether? Can you give me a sample?

sure. i can give some few suggestion. but to maintain confidentiality, could i just send it to u via email

sure, you may send to