How to change email for other people to take over?

Recently, I had decided to resign, so I had only using the Change Email Function to give my administrator position to someone else, but the issue now I encounter is I cannot enter my own employee account for viewing my own salary, is there a way to solve this problem? I had ask my HR. Manager he said that due to there already been there persons in as manager so the only way to solve this is to delete my account? Is there a way that I can change my Email from me to someone else?

I also got another question in mind that is if I decide to use this system somewhere else can my own personal email now for others employer?

  1. Kindly note that Admin account and Employee account are different accounts, even though you can use the same email address to sign up for both. That means, even after changing the owner of the Admin account to somebody else, you should still be able to access your own Employee account with the old email address, unless you change it as well.

  2. If your employee record has been deleted, then there is no way to access your past records any more.

  3. So I think you need to go back to check with your Employer what is the situation now, and only they can solve, not me.

  4. One email address can sign up for ONE Employer account only, but one email address could sign up for multiple Employee accounts under DIFFERENT Employer. Kindly check the user guide for more details.

How to change the owner of Admin account?

Sign in your account, then click at the account icon on the upper right corner and select Change Email: Online HR Software :: User Account Management

Hello Kapchew,

I keep getting the you do not have authorization for the Change Email option even I logged in as HR Role not the employee role? Is there a way to give me the authorization for my email to have authorization?

This is because you are in the Employer account when you sign in as HR Role. Employer account email could only be changed by the account owner, i.e. the Administrator.

If you want to change your Employee Web Account email, then you must sign in your Employee account instead.

Kindly note that this is already documented in the user guide, kindly visit again.