How to approve "Permission to edit"

How can we approve permission to edit?
We want to give all employees access to enter their profile personal details: Contact, family etc. everything except job. Is there a way to allow all employees to give permission to edit such details?
We also tried to individual employee to sent “Permission to edit” request selecting the field and we received email instructing to go to employee → request to approve but it shows “no data.” Can you please help?

Currently the only way to let employee to edit their profile is to ask them to make a request from their account.

Then you go to Employer->Employee Request to grant permission.

Hi Kapchew - It works. Thank you very much.
I also have one another question. Is there any way that itemized Statutory Contribution, mainly different types of taxes can show in payroll report. To give you an example, the country I live in requires to capture taxes shown in Deductibles at this link
I can make a template and modify as long as the new addition of Statutory Contribution are captured with the verbiage. Thanks in advance for your help.

Sorry, I don’t quite understand this question, can you elaborate with more details?

Hi kapchew - Thanks for your reply. Let me try to explain in detail and paste the tax detail This link shows the taxes employer and employee have to pay for up to the first wage limit listed. For example, State Disability
Insurance: employee pays 0.9% of salary till the salary reaches the wage limit of 153,164. If someone’s salary is 160000 then after it reaches 152164, they don’t have to pay this State Disability Insurance. Each of these 8 listed taxes applies, mainly the first 3 listed taxes in both federal and state tax tables are based on a calculations but most has a wage limit.
For each person we need to give a pay slip with breakdown of the taxes so we also need to show these details with each separate taxes listed when we run report.
How do you suggest to set this up in Thanks


  1. You may use Statutory Contribution for taxes purpose, and they will be listed in the payslip. To set it up, you will need to add the Statutory Contribution items to each employee via Salary Adjustment, or you may also add it on the fly when you are processing their payroll.

  2. However, at present moment Statutory Contribution does not automatically observe such wage limit yet, as this is not supported yet. Therefore you will need to do MANUAL edit in order to make do with this limitation.

  3. Just to be sure, do you mean that the wage limit is to determine who needs to pay such taxes right? i.e. if someone with salary higher than the limit, he will be exempted? or he will pay the capped amount?