How to apply different leave type to different approval workflow

i.e. for annual leave, the approval workflow only require line manager’s approval; but for no pay leave, it requires department head and GM approval. I have set different leave workflow for different leave type, but one employee can only apply the latest workflow no matter he/she apply for what kind of leave.

Noted. I am still considering if approval workflow based on leave type is necessary, just the claim approval workflow.

Understood. Looking forward to this feature going live!

Another question regarding the email notification. We find the email will be sent to employee and copy the Administrator’s email once the leave is approved or rejected. Is there anywhere can change the email notification objective? We shall only need to notify HR instead of Administrator.

Thank you!

Not yet. Notifying Admin is critical. Sometimes when there is a workflow setup problem, the system will need to notify someone. In this case, this “someone” is Admin. This is because some users don’t set up HR Roles, while some other users do not have HR Roles with leave management rights.

Thank you for your clarification. For Leave Entitlement, we can use bulk upload to sett up new Leave Entitlements. But can we use this function to update the current entitlements? I tried it but seems not. So if that, we can only manually update the bulk changes one by one, right?

Yes, you can. Kindly check the user guide.