How to add BONUS to staff's salary?

We’re giving bonus by end of the year.
How I can insert the bonus amount to our staff’s payslip? Mean he/she get on December 2022. I want it to be appeared on their Dec 2022 payslip.

Just add bonus item via Payroll->Process

I read Free Payroll System edy.

To set for the bonus, I go to Payroll>Bonus.

So I set it this way.

.1. I want to give bonus RM11000. So I put here 11,000.

.2. What with the quantity?

.3. And what this ‘unit’ different to the ‘quantity’?

.4. If I didn’t tick EPF & SOCSO (or anything), mean EPF & SOCSO will have no contribution base on that bonus amount (RM11000) right? Only if I tick, there will be deduction.



So I add it to the staff salary. Am I doing it correct?

.5. What with the x1 3 there? the ‘3’ seems to be the ‘unit’ i set previously (which I still didn’t know the role here.



BUT, when trying to process payslip for other month, ALL OF THEM set to be RM17,000 (RM6k basic + RM11k bonus).

What I want to do is to give bonus (RM11k) ONLY ON DECEMBER 2022. Other month only RM6k basic.

.2 & 3 & 5. Quantity refers to the default quantity when you first add it to the employee’s salary profile, or payroll salary detail. For instance, if an employee is on hourly rate, you will set it as

Amount: 10
Quantity: 8 (one day)
Unit: Hour

If an employee is based on piece-meal, then you may set

Amount: 2
Quantity: 1 (then set a new quantity during processing)
Unit: Item

.4. Yes. Just run the payroll and you will see the result.

So I add it to the staff salary. Am I doing it correct?

Wrong. As bonus is usually one-time change, you should add it during payroll process at Payroll->Process instead of adding it to Salary Adjustment (which will appear each time when you process payroll)

Alright got it! I click on process > click on staff’s name > then add the bonus. correct?

1 more.

is this the template of the Payslip? Or this is not it?

Yes. Actually, this is the part that I mentioned, that you may explore the system with some test data.

I don’t know how to answer this question. If you generated this from, then isn’t it obvious?

I am closing this topic, as the entire conversation has degraded into hand holding training already, which is something beyond my support scope already.

Thanks for your understanding.