How is the salary is porated in


I have added one employee. Input the salary amount (2,000) and the date joined (12 June 2023) as well.

After i processed the payroll, i notice that full salary is used to calculate for June 2023. Shouldn’t it porated first based on joined date? Note: no clock in/out is used. Pls advise what i need to do to porate the salary.

Later, i reprocess the payroll again for April 2023 for the same employee. To my surprise, his nett salary reflected for April 2023. May i know if there is no restriction to not process the later joined date?

Likewise, would like to know if the employee’s last day is 8th Nov, would the payroll know to process only 8 days?


  1. Currently you will need to use Deductions to handle non-working days deduction.

  2. This is how it works now, therefore always make sure that the salary details are correct for the month that you wish to process. This will be changed at a later stage.

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If the employee start to use the attendance module, he didnt clock in for 1 day and will be flagged as absent.

So the system will considered as no pay for that 1 day? Thanks.

  1. No, you will need to add absent record manually.

  2. No, it’s not yet integrated. This will be done at a later stage.

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