How do I delete staff attachments under the Leave Management section?

Hi, are we able to delete attachments that staff had placed under the leave management section once we have already saved a copy? Thanks.

Currently you will need to delete the entire leave record in order to delete the attachment.

Thanks for your response. Yes, that is what i noticed too. I was thinking if can only delete the attachments and not the entire record will be great.

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We don’t need staff to upload any attachment for their leave application. Can i suggest to add a on/off option for the “Attachment”?

You may turn off the Attachment Required option in Leave Type.

I have turned off the required option. but the staff still can choose to attach a file.

That’s the correct result. Turning the option off will make Attachment non mandatory, but your employees could still optionally upload an attachment if they need to.

If you don’t want your employees to upload any attachment, you may notify them via your announcement or communication internally.