How can We add the UAN number in PAYSLIP

Dear team,

Can you please guide us as who can we implement the UAN number In the Payslip?

For Some Legal Purpose, we need to mention this UAN number in the Payslip please guide us

Which country is this payslip for?

This is for India

I see.

May I know:

  1. What does UAN stand for?
  2. What’s the format like?
  3. Is every Indian employee assigned one UAN number? by the Government?

UAN - Universal Account Number

It is related to PF Account,

Yes All corporate Employee Who has deployed in a company and covered under the PF will receive UAN Number

It can be anywhere near to the Bank details in the Payslip

I mean how does the UAN look like? .e.g 10-digit numbers etc?

What is a PF account?

What is a provident fund? A provident fund​ is an investment fund that is voluntarily established by Employer and employees to serve as long term savings to support an employee’s retirement**. Sources of fund: Employee’s contribution: The amount deducted from the employee’s salary at a rate of 2% – 15%.

Here are the examples of UAN number, even your UAN number will also look like this but numbers will change.

  • 100904319456.
  • 100985112956.
  • 100920263757.
  • 100896312605.
  • 100296386154.
  • 100419534363.

Noted with thanks. I will see what I can do later.

Possibly a new field for Indian users, or a custom field solution for all users. I will need some time to consider the best solution moving forward.

Thanks For the Update Kapchew,

We are looking For this Update

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