Grant Permossion to access camera & external storage

Hi, im using Xiaomi 13T Pro and i just discovered this app. I’ve an issue with camera and storage. Anything related to camera just not working for me. I’ve granted permission for this app to access the camera yet it still prompt me to grant access to camera.

I noticed a comment on playstore stating the similar issue quite recently. Fyi, I’ve tried restarting the phone several time and i’ve granted camera access to web browser as well.

  1. I am using Xiaomi 11T Pro, MIUI Global 14.0.4, Android 13 TKQ1.220829.002. It has no such problem since day 1 when I developed Mobile.

  2. Are you using MIUI Global? or Chinese Edition? Mobile needs Google Play Services to run properly.

  3. Can you click at “Camera” permission to check if it says “Allow only while using the app”?

Hi, I’m using global Miui. The camera permission stated “Allow while only using the app”

The version of the Miui as follow:

This is the pop up for camera

And this is the pop up for the attachment

  1. Thanks for the screenshot, I could repeat the problem now.

  2. Just now I thought you were referring to Time Clock function, and I tested the wrong function.

  3. I think this problem may be due to recent Android update, I will find a solution for it.

Thanks for reporting this issue. I have already fixed the problem and published a new version to Google Play Store.

Kindly download the updated app and try again.

Thanks for your fast & prompt respond

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