General functionality of system


we have several questions about functionality of system.

  • Is it possible to turn off notification emails? If not, is it possible to add this feature?
  • Is there an easy/time saving option that can clear unused data? Or alternative select multiple files in a Team → Document & Form Sharing for deletion?
  • Is there a possibility that HR or Admin can select multiple users for multiple approval? (Affect items under Expense Claim → Review) or somehow simplify process of approving requests?
  • Is there an option that will allow the user to submit request for overtime (in attendance) for the exact time? Also a possible choice for the user if this time is before or after the base shift?
  • Is it possible to add a function to delete a single item in an Attendance Transaction?
  • Is it possible to add a function that will allow jump from notification item to exact place?



  1. No, email notification cannot be turned off. Why do you want to turn it off?

  2. Why do you need to bulk delete Form Sharing files? How is your use case?

  3. I will need to add additional support for this, but before that, can you tell me more about your use case to justify it?

  4. Sorry, I don’t understand this question, can you give me an example?

  5. Attendance time clock can only be added, but cannot be deleted or modified, as I really find no reason to do so.

  6. I wanted to support this as well, but can’t find the time to do it yet.


  1. We would appreciate it if you could turn off email notifications, as not all users want to receive notifications and sometimes it’s intrusive (all about preferences). I think it’s up to the specific user what they want to be notified about. The second thing is that HR managers will get a huge amount of emails and every notification they get will spam them. Let me explain, every morning the HR manager sets up all the things from the previous day (daily basics of their work) and then there is no need for the HR manager to receive more emails about how someone just posted/created a request/etc. As I mentioned before - it’s all about preferences… the second possibility is that we would block the sender on our site, which means that we would not receive any emails, but we would like to receive some.
  2. The use case for deleting shared files in bulk is that we get a lot of confirmations / photos / attachments / etc. and after processing these files we won’t need it anymore. We also want to manage/delete files(some of it) in our storage so that there is no conflict that we will have full storage. Or please explain better solution.
  3. The purpose of selecting more than one person for approval is simple. For example, managers enter a request for gasoline reimbursement. We have a lot of managers who do this on a weekly basis, so there is a certain group of people who will be approved for this state. This is the only example of what can happen and can save HR managers time. There are also more cases that we will have to do a group selection.
  4. We have a specific time schedule. It’s flexible, but let’s say we start at 6:30am and end at 3:00pm (8hours shift + 30minutes break). Now, if an employee wants to work overtime, they have to request it for a specific time. And it would be good if there was info on when that happens. Before or after the shift ends. Now we do it by simply writing it in the description. We want just know if it’s possible to add this feature - indicator before/after shift.
  5. Yes, we know it can’t be deleted. We also found it in another thread. But we want to discuss this further, why should it be possible to delete one time line. Let’s say an employee forgets to log in/out. HR adds the time, but makes a mistake. There will be a lot of time and attendance, so he wants to delete just one line, not all of them, and rewrite the whole transaction again. This is a preference and also for general management purposes.
  6. Thanks. This is not necessary, but good to have. :slight_smile:



There are basically a few types of email notifications:

  • Notification to relevant approver to review applications, such as leave or claim
  • Copy to Admin and Managers for such notifications
  • Announcements to employees
  • Discussion comments
  • System alerts that require attention from Admin or Managers, such as incomplete setup for workflow, unassigned roles for approvers, storage issue

I think you refer to this option?

  • Copy to Admin and Managers for such notifications

This is the part that I don’t understand. Don’t you need to check each record’s detail before approving? If you need to open the record to view the detail, why don’t you approve it on the spot, but instead you want to close it, then check another record detail, and so on and so forth, and finally multi select to approve?

Are you using Document Workflow to handle it? Are you also asking your employee to fill up any Excel form and attach the form? If so, any fields could be included in the Excel form that you prepare.

As I said, I generally refer to all emails that are sent from the site. Some people just don’t want to receive external emails or notifications from Is it possible to add this feature?

Well, this is an alternative for our purpose that you mentioned. But in this case we would appreciate it if it could be solved by selecting more people for one action or so. The reason we want this is simple. For example, we have an event/business trip/training program and we select multiple people for the same event. Sure, we can pick everyone one at a time, but it’s not efficient as it should be and with this feature we can save a lot of time. I hope it’s clearer now.

I think you are discussing this out of context already. Currently approval only applies to leave, claim, document workflow. For all these, my question is how do you approve without checking the application detail?

I know you can review the request that the employee has requested and then HR can review the details and approve it. But I’m talking about managing multiple people at once, that I know the event(e.g. claim/workflow) gets approved automatically. Example, HR approves an event for 10 people immediately. So every employee doesn’t need to apply for leave/request/doc. workflow if we already know it will be approved. Or is there any other solution for this case? For example, if a department head asks for a workflow in a document, he can add a lot of people manually to the description. But this is not efficient at all.